Cooking in hard prison regime.

It’s a cookbook manual designed in collaboration with hard prison regime inmates. It contained practical methods for cooking with few the high security cells of the information available, exposing, next to the ingredients of each individual recipe, the necessary tools to make it happen. Kitchen utensils that in common untreated recipes become the leitmotif of the whole work, where both their construction and use are described.

The simple things are a rolling pin, the shoelaces tie the rolled bacon for maturing, the television makes leavening bread or pizza easier, the cupboard or the stool are transformed into a good oven. The book reinterprets the difficulties of life as a recluse, but also the skills and commitment to improve the discouraging experience of detention, if not elsewhere, at least at the table. To achieve maximum safety, we managed and coordinated the laboratories with the inmates, addressing all the phases of the publishing project with a participatory design methodology.