crypto [dal gr. κρυπτός: nascosto, coperto»]
gramma: [dal gr. γραμμα «segno, disegno»]

Cryptogram is a dynamic typographic poem of one word, 12 months long. Those who imagine to have a calendar in their hands should discover, in time, the meaning of a hidden work, revealing all itself only at the end of the last day of 2022. Each page is a typographic machine that can be seen both in the dynamic of the composition on paper and in its animated version, through the augmented reality of a screen. Cryptogram inaugurates the ubiquitous role that paper can play today, covering new levels of interaction with the user. For us, the invitation to collaborate of Antezza Tipografi has been precious. Always aware of the theme of innovation, they wisely printed the sheets of our composition and willingly accepted the augmented possibility offered by technology to their work. The typographic compositions recover the letters our studio designed in the course of almost 30 years. We recomposed them by breaking their entire shape in order to conceive a reinterpretation suitable for their animation.