“Come Fare Futuro – Manuale per l’impresa lungimirante” (How to build a future – A handbook for far-sighted companies) is the book for CFMT’s 25th year of activity, edited by Thomas Bialas and published by Franco Angeli. CoMoDo planned and designed its content. It’s not a celebratory publication, but an actual book telling “how to build a future” within a company, no matter how big, through the concept of “future seen before” with which CoMoDo and CFMT have farsightedly led companies and managers for 25 years. The core of the volume is made of 25 scenarios studied and redesigned by CoMoDo to explore the many aspects connected with the practice of leading a company through “that thing that happens every day”, i.e. the future.

We are all familiar with the concept of building a wardrobe, a book, a song, an invention, a company or – as far as business is concerned- a team, a system. But when it comes to the future, how do you build one? How do you build something that doesn’t exist yet? Building a future isn’t very different from building a wardrobe, actually; you plan it and then you make it, you just need the right tools. To help managers and companies facing this challenge we have realized a multiple-stage journey with all the applications that the word “future” can have in the daily life of a company, no matter its size. Some kind of future open wide horizons, others close up on little details that no one can ignore. They are all starting points to begin a thoughtful and creative journey towards the survival of the company during time: a path to implement a new model of company management that puts the word future at the center of any thought and decision.

Come Fare Futuro – Manuale per l’impresa lungimirante (How to build a future – A handbook for far-sighted companies), a book edited by Thomas Bialas and published by Franco Angeli

“Come fare futuro” is published with Creative Commons license and can be downloaded here