In 2021 the long-time cycle of training meetings we realized for CFMT, Future Management Tools – witnessing the beginning of many things through events, publications and exclusive contents to prepare managers and businesses to their future challenges- has changed its skin. We developed an innovative format using the impossibility of physical meetings at our advantage. We kept on talking about things that nobody was yet addressing, but in a different way this time. We defined the format as a proper TV show in which all the scenes and contents were designed to define a new method of participation and disclosure. Not an on-line surrogate of a live experience, but a new dimension that borrowed new rhythms, new visual languages and a renewed prestige from the broadcast environment. That’s how Future Management Tools Live Studio. Il futuro in presa diretta (direct-drive future) was born: an actual talk-show with exclusive interviews, in depth files, debates and conversations on hot topics, guests live in studio or connected on the video wall and interviewed
by the host of fmt.livestudio. A sparkling occasion to talk about the future in an accurate and original way.