We have developed an innovative format: knowledge pills structured in a cycle of informal webinars.
A practical guide to the changing of skillas and contents, to time management and to the creation of new abilities and relations required by the impact of Covid-19 on our economy and private life, and their implications on businesses and activities: we were all forced to make an actual quantum leap, a passage to a new economical, social, entrepreneurial and private life. As we all had to familiarize with new technologies and the overlapping of the domestic and working space, bringing out the need of the new “home office” as opposed to the traditional “home-office” ratio.

2021 PMI Second Life
The second cycle of training events frames the scenario which all the companies are forced to cope with, examining some specific aspects and alternating the view on the strategic context (what’s on) – led by Thomas Bialas and Marco Tortoioli Ricci- and the operative one (so what) – developed by Coopfidi. Themes like survival, adaptation, change, planning and control, banking techniques and renovation processes coexist in this innovative learning path, designed to heal from a contagion that is no longer just physical, but also mental and practical: each time of trouble doesn’t define the ending but a new beginning or, better yet, a second life, which may be different, but not less exciting and satisfying for any entrepreneur and professional.