Formazione Webinar

“PMI New Future – Piccole e Medie Innovazioni per l’impresa pronta al nuovo futuro” (Small and medium innovations for the company ready for the new future) is an innovative and an informal webinar program we developed for Forma Camera. The events tackle with Covid-19’s impact on economy and private life and its consequences on companies and business activities; from the European Union to the single state, from the great corporation, to the small corner shop: everyone is forced to make an actual quantum leap, a passage to a new economic, social, entrepreneurial and private dimension.

As we all had to get acquainted with video call softwares and the overlapping of our home and working spaces, besides the traditional “work-home” relationship goes the need to define a new space, the “home office”. A practical guide to change skills and contents, to manage time and to learn new abilities and relations.