Describing Meccanotecnica Umbra means talking about a unique Italian business story, devoted to industrial and human excellence. Keeping in mind the strong bound with the Umbrian environment and excellences, related to lifestyle, nature and food.
‘Excellence’ is the cornerstone for the new copy-strategy, which allowed MTU to be repositioning itself. We redefined the brand strategy, implementing a new pay-off and corporate manual. To celebrate MTU and its commitment to ‘Excellence’ we designed its Essential Kit. An iconic cardboard box, that includes: Company Profile in hard copy volume, a custom USB key and a sample of extra virgin Olive oil.

We do also designed the website for MeccanotecnicaUmbra and for MTU Magazine:

These strategy elements have their core in the new house organ called MTU Magazine. Editorial Project published every six months, based on its own people stories, established in the company departments around the world.