City of Assisi chooses the less usual and surprising city spots to challenge contemporary topics. Events, concerts, debates and performances, under the artistic direction of Joseph Grima. Changing the cultural paradigm of the known city, combining an avant-garde dimension to its historical and religious heritage. Co.Mo.Do. has taken part of this ambitious project.

UniversoAssisi 17 Teaser
UniversoAssisi 18


The second edition of UniversoAssisi (21-29 July 2018), in terms of visual, reflects the spirit of new chosen locations. Much more linked to the requalification of actual “non-places”, related to contemporary architecture. The main guests were Antonella Ruggiero, Ghemon, Michael Nyman, Vinicio Marchioni, Cie Toula Limnaios, Michele Placido with Anonima Frottolisti, Mariella Fabris, Licia Lanera, Volosi and many others.


The first edition of UniversoAssisi (20-23 July 2017), under the art direction of Joseph Grima has brought on stage theater, music, dance, architecture. Experimental and unusual events helded by personality such as Rem Koolhaas, Superstudio, Nicola Piovani, ArcHertz, Aterballetto and Antonio Rezza. Bond by the common aim of showing the unknown spots of the city and redefining the identitary parameters of spiritual and religious turistic destination.

The tetrahedron, geometric solid composed of several facades, is synonimuos of the multidisciplinary nature and complexity of the project. The tetrahedron like an alien spaceship above the city. An absolute and fascinating novelty, becomes the cornerstone of visual identity. So on, even typography choice, preserves some uncial elements, is modified and deformed.We coordinate all communication aspects, from organization internal, communication, trough visual design, environmental signage. We also edited, daily, the press office and social communication.